I'm really confused about my gender. I'm dfab, and I identify as a pangender. I grew up in a very sex negative house, & my mom had breast cancer that ended in a double mastectomy. Those two things combined somehow made me very self-conscious of my body, particularly my boobs. In the past year, I've become much more self-confident & okay with sex & body, & although I'm still more masculine and boyish...I don't know how to feel about actual gender labels. But I don't want this to just be a phase:(

I believe that gender can be fluid. You don’t have to “pick” a gender for yourself now or ever if you don’t want to. I have a friend who is gender fluid and will switch pronouns on a monthly and sometimes even daily basis. Every decision you make about your gender and presentation is totally fine and it doesn’t change that you’re awesome. I’m proud of you for becoming for comfortable with yourself in the past year! If you don’t desire a specific gender label, please feel free to go without one. Whether or not your gender is permanent, it’s valid and going through “phases” of genders is totally okay and normal. Some people have set genders that don’t change and some don’t. It’s okay! As long as you’re happy and safe, that’s all that matters. You are not required to label yourself. :) -Tracy